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April 2020 Admission 2nd term Schedule

Application Jan.1,2019 - Feb.25,2019
Written test May.11,2019
Interview test May.26, 2019

To all students willing to study in Japanese university

Currently, the Japanese government is implementing a plan called “Global 30” which is to promote globalization by expanding the number of international students in Japan to 300,000 by 2020. As you may notice here, Japan’s government has been holding not only Global 30 but also a variety of other plans just to receive more international students.
Also, internationalization in Japanese industries is steadily accelerating. This transition has altered recruitment in Japanese companies; these days, more and more talented international students are hired in Japan. While it seems it is difficult for international students in Western countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. to find jobs after they graduate, now it is not unusual to see Japanese companies hiring more international candidates than Japanese students.
However, the number of international students in Japan still does not increase as fast as what the government expects. Here, we, JCAEMCE, thought that the problem might derive from the conservative admission procedures in Japan which is largely different from what Western countries employ. And so, our foundation, working with Japanese universities, has come up with a completely new admission scheme called “Japan University Examination (JPUE)”. As a result of adopting JPUE, the problematic former path to Japanese universities has changed dramatically and so we recommend you utilize this new examination to study abroad in Japan.
Lastly, I ardently do hope that your courageous decision on studying in Japan will open up a way in your life and will bring lots of successes to you.



Top adviser Kan Suzuki (Deputy Minister of MEXT/ Professor,The University of Tokyo · Professor/ Professor,Keio University )
Honorary Advisor Hirofumi Nakasone (Member of the House of Councilors)
Teiichi Kawada  (President,The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan)
Advisor Masaki Sakaida(Lwyer)
President Kei Kagawa (Chairperson of the Board,Private Kindergarten Federation Japan/Chairman,Yamaguchi Prefecture Public Safety Commission)
Director Yoshihito Okinaga(President,Teikyo University)
Shingo Fujii(Professor, Kyoto University/President,Kitano Hospital)
Shoichi Otake(Professor,Showa University Graduate School of Medicine)
Yoshinori Nakamoto(President,TECH CORPORATION Co., Ltd.)
Kenji Nemoto(President,Medical Corporation Association Tanseikai/President,AKASAKA ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC)
Takahiro Ejima(President,President,Medical Corporation Association Kpikonkai/President, AKASAKA DERMATOLOGY.CLINIC)
Keizo Yamada(President,WISE EDUCATION GROUP)
Councilor Tetsuro Sugawara(Lwyer/Director,National Center for Global Health and Medicine)
Gadou Tanaka(Chief Director,All Japan Private Kindergarten Early Childhood Education Research Organization)
Yasumasa Houjo(Chairperson of the Board,Private Kindergarten Federation Tokyo)
Auditor Yuko Takatsuji(Lwyer)