“Japan University Examination” is an examination system for studying abroad directly at Japanese universities. Applicants take two examinations, a written / practical examination and an interview. Based on the results, the applicants who meet the admission policy of each university are selected and then receive the pre-offer of the university. This offer will be presented to each student individually, and the conditions for acceptance, such as tuition reduction, scholarship conditions, final arrival conditions, etc. will be presented based on the grade evaluation. This is a system that satisfies the conditions presented by these universities and goes directly to the target university in April of the following year.


For the application of JPUE is fully web-based. Please access to the application page of this application site in each area, register your e-mail address / mobile phone number, and proceed with the application procedure. When applying, you will need to enter the academic system you want to study in Japan, as well as the reasons for your appointment. In addition, this application site has a function to upload high school grades and scores of common exams, as well as grades of external exams in Japanese and English.

Detail of JPUE

JPUE exam to enable students to study directly in Japan. Please refer to the banner below for details on this exam.


Everyone who is considering taking the JPUE exam. Here are some important dates for taking the JPUE exam.

The ADVANTAGE of studying in Japan

Studying abroad in Japan has a variety of attractions that are not found in studying abroad in the United States and Europe. If you are wondering where to study abroad, studying in Japan is one option.
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Learn more about JPUE

The JPUE we provide is an unprecedented test for studying in Japan designed by high school students so that they can go directly to a Japanese university in April of the following year after graduating from high school.
We will provide a way to make your dream become true and study in Japan. Here is an overview of JPUE.