April 2020 Admission 2nd term Schedule

Application Jan.1,2019 - Feb.25,2019
Written test May.11,2019
Interview test May.26, 2019


This is a download page, in which you may download supplement data needed for the application of “Japan University Examination”. Please download “Enrollment Guide”, “Online Application Guide” according to your demands. Please download “Test Question Range”, “Selected Past Test Questions”, “Explanation for Universities” in advance and apply for registration after confirming the content.

Japan University Examination Enrollment Guide

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Please read “Enrollment Guide” carefully before your application.

DSE Predicted Score 請求書

Test Form and Scope

Past exam questions of JPUE

  • April 2017 Admission
    3rd term
  • April 2018 Admission 2nd term ( Type II )
  • April 2019 Admission 1st term
  • April 2019 Admission 1st term ( Type II )